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Janine Fisher

Janine Fisher is a Hanen certified Speech Pathologist who has taught classes and worked directly with many parents and preschool instructors to facilitate communication skills in children. Janine received her Bachelor degree from Florida State University in 2000 and her Masters Degree in 2002 from the University of Tennessee. Janine has over 9 years experience treating a wide variety of patients, including children and adults with: articulation and/or language delays, apraxia, auditory processing, hearing impairments and cochlear implants, oral motor deficits, stuttering, voice, strokes, TBI, and those with autism. She has worked with deaf and hearing impaired children and adolecents for 18 years.

Janine has taught many courses including “Learning Language and Loving It”, which helps teachers and preschool workers to create a language-rich environment. She has also taught “It Takes Two To Talk”, which is a Hanen course for parents of toddler and preschool-age children with language impairments. Janine is also Hanen certified to teach “Talkability”, a program working with families of children with Autism. In addition to working at Nancy L. Foreman and Associates, Janine works in the public school system and runs her own business, Communi-kit (www.communi-kit.com). Communi-kit offers a variety of speech and occupational therapy materials and kits to parents, educators, and therapists.