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New Year. New Name. New Website.

New Year. New Name. New Website.  

Welcome to our new website! We are so excited to begin 2024 by introducing our new name, Milestones Matter Therapy. This new name reflects our unwavering commitment to helping families achieve new milestones in their journey towards growth and development. Our practice was originally founded by Nancy L. Foreman, M.S. CCC-SLP more than 30 years ago as Nancy L. Foreman and Associates, LLC, and when Sarah Foreman, M.A.CCC-SLP became the new owner she decided to continue on our legacy while evolving and growing for the benefit of our community. We will delve into the reasons behind our name change and shed light on the significance of milestones in tracking progress. Additionally, we will explore why the word "matter" holds a special place in our name, highlighting the vital role of the brain in speech, language, and cognition. 

MILESTONES serve as essential markers in a child's development, allowing parents and therapists to monitor progress and identify areas that may require additional support. From a child's first words to their first steps, milestones provide a framework for understanding and celebrating growth. Milestones also signify important achievements and we are motivated in our work by celebrating important achievements that our patients are able to attain from when our patients learn to speak again after a stroke, or a young child learns to say "I love you" to their parents for the first time. 

MATTER holds a profound meaning in our name. As Speech-Language Pathologists, we are trained in neurology and understand the critical role that the brain plays in learning, cognition, language development, speech praxis, and even swallowing. We recognize the brain is the foundation for all aspects of communication and strive to integrate this knowledge into our therapy approaches. The brain has an incredible ability to adapt and change and facilitate growth in all areas of communication and swallowing. 

Our new name reflects our commitment to helping achieve and celebrate milestones, while recognizing the importance of the brain in speech, language, and swallowing skills. We invite you to join on this exciting journey as we work together to unlock each person's unique potential! Together, we can celebrate every milestone and create a brighter future for every individual we serve.